The main goal of the Kalina Bogoeva Foundation is discovering and promoting young talent,in the fields of Classical and Contemporary Dance. 

The activity scope of the Foundation includes organizing and carrying out Seminars,Conferences,Concerts,Stages,Competitions.

Present Activity of the Kalina Bogorva Foundation:

Varna International Dance Academy  -  Summer Workshops,including

Theory and Practice in the fields of Classical and Contemporary Dance,Character Dance,and 

Theoretical Course on the Methodics of Classical Dance (Russian System).

 Internaional Competition for Young Choreographers ''Margarita Arnaudova''

 Pedagogical Seminars and Tuition,following a Proprietary Methodical Program,in                       

 accordance with the Russian Ballet System.

 ''Little Stars'' - Inernational Dance Competition For Children and Youngsters.

  The Competition is carried out every odd numbered year.

Kalina Bogoeva is one of the most prominent names of Bulgarian Ballet.

Prima Ballerina,Ballet Tutor and Choreographer with wide international recognition.

Winner of numerous prizes.


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