LITTLE STARS"

        International Dance Competition  

9 - 12 of July, 2021

State Musical Theater - Sofia, Bulgaria

LS Collage White Cut

The “Little Stars” Competition is an important event in the life of every young Performer.

A personal first acquaintance with the Stage,a first solo Performance before a Professional Jury and before the Public,the acquired experience from the preparation,constant effort and perseverance required for a successful Performance - those are but a few of the benefits this Unique Dance Event provides You with.

But one thing is for sure - the “Little Stars” Dance Competition is always 

a source of Joy and Satisfaction.

So,start working already now.Choose wisely a Repertory,which will best represent your personal Talent. And start perfectioning it.Detail after detail.

And,above all … Love what you are doing!!

Because Your Love of the Art of Dance is Key towards a successful stage realization of every Talent.

It transpires in each individual Performance.

This Love will,eventually,create the predisposition to a Brilliant Stage Career,as well.

And the “Little Stars” Dance Competition can be a convincing first step towards your Career’s realization.

I wish You All Health and Willpower!!

And I expect to See You,All,On Stage !!! 

Academician Kalina Bogoeva  

© G.Elkin 2021