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Prima ballerina of the State Opera and Ballet Theater in Sofia.

Recognized Authority in the fields of Classical Ballet Methodology and Classical Ballet Repertoire (Russian System).

Graduate of the State Choreography School in Sofia and of the Academic Ballet School in Moscow.

Certified Ballet Master and a Stage Director of the Higher Institute of Theater in Moscow,Russia.

Laureate of the Varna International Ballet Competition.

Member of the International Jury, on many occasions. 

Head of the "Ballet Pedagogy” Department at the National Music Academy “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov”.







Ballet dancer, graduated from the State Choreographic School in Sofia, the class of “Classical dance” of Ana Pancheva and Lyuba Kolchakova (1969). 

Immediately after that she starts her career as a ballet dancer in Varna Opera Theater. 

Since 1978 she is a premier dancer of the ballet company in Varna, and since 1982 – prima ballerina. Since 1994 she is a tutor of the ballet company of Varna Opera Theater. 

In 1995 under the tuition of Kalina Bogoeva she got her master degree as a “ballet master – tutor and pedagogue” in the National Music Academy “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov”. She has performed in Spain, Greece, Egypt, Italy, India, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, etc. 

She has worked as a teacher in the ballet school of Varna Opera Theater and since 1990 she is a teacher in the National Art School “D.Hristov”. 

In 1992 she joined as a teacher the ballet academy “Varna”, the president of which is Kalina Bogoeva. 

She is a distinguished expert in the field of character dance.





Born 1977 in Kazanluk, Bulgaria.

Graduate of the National School of Dance Art, class of 1996, with Acad.Kalina Bogoeva (Ass.Milena Simeonova).

The same year she joins Ballet Pedagogy at the National Music Academy “Prof.Pancho Vladigerov”, with professional qualification BA in Ballet Master - Tutor.

Through the years, she acquires a lot of stage experience as Dancer in numerous productions in China, Turkey among others.

In 2003, Antonia widens her stage practice within the Contemporary Dance scene, by joining the “M Dance” Sofia Music Enterprises where she takes part of Performances with popular Bulgarian Pop Singers.

Tutor and Choreographer in Classical and Contemporary Dance in 2009, within MTV Dance, and World Dance for various Childrens Performances.

She has great experience in coaching Classical Ballet, and through the years she has managed to work with all age groups.

In 2011 Antonia creates her own Ballet School “KA Dance”, renamed later to “Royal Dance”.Her school acquires numerous prizes at various International Competitions, thus distinguishing it as one of the few Private Ballet Schools to offer high quality tutorship in the fields of Classical and Contemporary Dance.

Creates and directs “Princess Anastasia” - a children’s Dance Performance. The same Performance, but in a more actual and contemporary setting, acquires high praise among the public. All the participants in the Performance are Children from 5 to 16 y.o.

“The role of the Teacher requires a lot of Responsibility, Noblesse and absence of boundaries. He should find the most beautiful ways to present the Art of Dance to his pupils, because this educates in them close relationship with Beauty and teaches them comradeship and confidence” - shares Antonia.


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Studies Classical Ballet in the State Choreography School in Sofia, Bulgaria and later on continues her tuition in the State Choreography School in Kiev, Ukraine where she graduates in 1971.

After her graduation, she joins the Sofia National Ballet as a Soloist,and as such performs many soloist parts from the Repertory of the Company.

Later on, in 1985, she graduates from the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts with Acting Mastery.

Teaches Classical Ballet in Athens and Korfu, Greece.

Acquires  MA in Ballet Pedagogy and Ballet Master at the National Music Academy “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” in Sofia, Bulgaria, class of Academician Kalina Bogoeva.

Since year 2000 Diana Raynova is a Classical Ballet Teacher at the National School of Dance Art in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Special Distinction for high artistic and creative achievements  from the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture.

Award for Best Tutor at the National Ballet Competition - Anastas Petrov

“Crystal Lyre” Award from the Union of Music and Dance Activists in 2006.

“Silver Lyre” Award for Artistic and Creative achievements from the Union of Musical and Dance Activists, in 2011.

Special Distinctions for Pedagogical Achievements from the “Little Stars” International Dance Competition, in 2013 and 2015.

“Golden Lyre” Award from the Union of Music and Dance Activists, in 2016

Distinction for Effective Pedagogical Work at the National Ballet Competition - Anastas Petrov, in 2017.


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Born 1977 in Varna, Bulgaria.

Graduates State Choreography School, Class of Academician Kalina Bogoeva and Assistant Milena Simeonova.

Acqiures BA in Ballet Pedagogy at the National Music Academy “Prof.Pancho Vladigerov”

Since 1996, she is Soloist with “Arabesque” Contemporary Dance Company.

Since 2011, she coaches Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance,Contemporary Dance Techniques, Composition and Improvisation at the National School of Dance Art.

Konstantinа has performed Creations by many internationaly known Choreographers, such as 

Christian Bakalov, Luc Bouy, Liz Lee, Odette Hughes, Roger Geffrey, Robert Tannin among many others.

She, herself, choreographs for “Arabesque”, for the Sofia National Ballet, for Professional Dance Competitions, for Concerts of NSDA, for Contemporary Operas and Dance Theater Performances, for Serials, and for Film and Advertising Productions.

Konstantina is also active as Tutor for Dance Seminars and Jury member at International Dance Competitions.


Yana Marinova is born on  30.11.1972 in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

Professional Ballet Dancer at the Sofia National Ballet Company.

Graduate of one of the most distinguished Ballet Schools in the World, namely the Kiev State Ballet School,

class of 1990.

The same year, she joins the Varna Opera House, where she performs all the Soloist Parts in the 

Repertory of the Company.

Graduates BA in Ballet Pedagogy at the National Music Academy “Prof.Pancho Vladigerov”,

class of 1997. At present, she is pursuing MA in Ballet Pedagogy at the same Academy.

Finalist from the International Ballet Competitions in Varna and Osaka, as well as touring all over the World.

Since 2016, Yana is a Tutor at the National School of Dance Art in Sofia, Bulgaria.

She has realised, on stage, numerous Choreographies and many of her Students, bare

1st Prizes from International Competitions.



George Elkin has received his Classical Dance Education at The State Ballet School in Sofia, Bulgaria, and the last three years at The Moscow Academic Ballet School. 

His Classical Repertory includes a wide range of roles which he performed both in Bulgaria and abroad. 

Following his interest in Contemporary Dance, he joined the “Arabesque” dance company in Sofia,Bulgaria and,later on,The Cullberg Ballet Company in Stockholm, Sweden, where he pursued an International Career with the Unique Art of Swedish Choreographer and Theater Director Mats Ek and internationally known Choreographers such as Jiri Kylian, Nacho Duato, Christopher Bruce, Ohad Naharin, Bill Forsythe, Carolyn Carlson, Philip Taylor and many others.

Teaches Technique of Classical Dance (2004 - 2009) at the Ballet Academy - Stockholm,Sweden and at the University of Dance and Arts - Stockholm,Sweden.

George Elkin is the bearer of the Special Award for High Artistic Achievement from the Swedish National Theater Center.

George Elkin is currently active as International Guest-Teacher,Classical Technique Coach, conducts Contemporary Dance Workshops and composes Music for Stage,Film,Installations and Expositions.




Prima Ballerina of the National Music Theatre – Sofia

Graduated from National Ballet School - Sofia in the class of Ljubov Fominih and Emilia Kirova.

She has graduated from the National Music Academy “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” in the class of director Margarita Arnaudova and in ballet pedagogy with Ass. Prof. Kalina Bogoeva as art advisor.

She has many roles in ballets, musicals and operettas. Remain iconic images of the Black Rose of the ballet performance "Tango" and the Burnt Rose by the same spectacle. With this role became a laureate and won а prize for ballet competition "Anastas Petrov".

Choreographer of numerous ballets, musicals and operettas. She received three "Crystal liras" for choreography in "Don Quixote" - Massenet (Sofia National Opera), "Graf von Luxemburg" (Musical Theatre), "Stars of the operetta"

Winner of the prize by the Union of Musicians and Dancers for contributions to ballet.



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1997 - III prize by Ballet Competition in Dobrich.

1998 - graduated from the State Choreographic School (teachers Katya Petrovska and Boriana Sechanova).

Since 1998 - Artist with “Arabesque” Contemporary Dance Company (currently Soloist of the ensemble).

In 2008 - received the prestigious Award of Union of Musicians and Dancers "Crystal Lyre" for excellence in Dance” for her role in the Ballet Performance "Nestinarka»

2009 - graduated from the Academy of Music and Dance Art in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

She has worked with many prominent Bulgarian and foreign Choreographers: Luc Bouy (Belgium), Wayne MacGregor (UK), Liz Lee (Australia), Christian Bakalov (France), etc.

Participated in many Festivals and Events abroad.

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A 1995 Graduate from the State Choreographic School in Sofia,Bulgaria,class of Roumen Rachev and Ivan Trifonov,acquiring the statue of Ballet Artist and Tutor.

Later in 1995 he joins the ‘’Arabesque’’ Dance Company,where he,soon,becomes First Soloist.

His repertory includes over 80 titles.He has collaborated with numerous international Choreographers,including Elsa Limbach(USA),Mark Taylor(USA),Sonia Clarke(Canada),Luc Bouy(Belgium),Wayne McGregor(U.K.),Liz Lee(Australia)Christian Bakalov(France),Maurice Cauzie,among others.

Assen has participated in international festivals in       Switzerland,Germany,Serbia,Greece,Roumania,Austria,France,Spain,Belgium,Turquey,Armenia,Italy among others.

In 1999,he receives the Union of Musicians and Dancers’ prestigious Award ’’Crystal Lyre’’ ,for his role in ‘’Tango’’,a dance performance,choreographed by Svetlin Ivelinov.

At present,Assen is active as a Tutor and as a Choreographer. His creations include’’Necessary Endurance’’, "Parallel Reality’’, "Ognya’’, ’’For Last’’, ’’Res Nulis’’, "Mirror of Time’’.

Receives the Jury and the Public Prizes,for his Creation’’Little Rules’’, presented at the 8th Contemporary Choreography Competition ‘’Margarita Arnaoudova’’ 

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