"Kalina Bogoeva" Foundation, in collaboration with the National Music Academy ’’Prof.Pancho Vladigerov’’, present “Methodical Program for teaching in Nonprofessional and Semiprofessional Ballet Schools”, with author Academician Kalina Bogoeva.

The program is created after the Professional Methodics Program - System Vaganova, adapted by Academician Kalina Bogoeva.

The program is compiled and constructed by the renown Bulgarian Prima Ballerina and acknowledged Authority in the field of the Methodic of Classical Dance,and the Classical Dance Repertory - Academician Kalina Bogoeva.

The program consists of methodical tuition material for students from 4 to 18 years old, coming from non-professional and semi-professional ballet schools, approved by "Kalina Bogoeva" Foundation, namely by Academician Kalina Bogoeva. It is consists of two preparatory levels (4 to 8 y.o.) and six levels (8 to 18 y.o.). It includes methodical material, specific for each age group. The program is intended for ballet schools, practicing Classical Dance, two (or three) times a week.

The program foresees:

1. Theoretical and Practical Methodical Seminar on the tuition of the movements in the Methodics Program. The participants learn the theoretical material first, then apply the acquired knowledge in practice. After a successful exam, presented to the Official Representative of "Kalina Bogoeva” Foundation, the participants receive an official Qualification Certificate, issued by the National Music Academy ‘’Prof.Pancho Vladigerov’’.

2. Practice exams, after the completion of each level. The students have to show theoretical knowledge and practical know-how of the material of the respective level. After a successful exam each student will receive an official Certificate from the National Music Academy ’’Prof.Pancho Vladigerov’’.

3. The students who attain the highest possible rating,acquire the right of participation in the Varna International Dance Academy,with a 50% discount off the participation fee.

4. The students, who have passed an exam for the 6th, highest, level, with the highest possible rating, acquire the right to apply for the "Art of Ballet / Ballet Pedagogy” Section, at the National Music Academy ‘’Prof.Pancho Vladigerov’’. And, furthermore, the expenses of their first tuition year are paid for by "Kalina Bogoeva" Foundation.

5. The Methodical Qualification Seminars and the practice exams are carried out by “Kalina Bogoeva” Foundation, represented by Academician Kalina Bogoeva and, respectively, by George Elkin, M.A.B.P.

6. The organization is entrusted with an Authorized  Representative of "Kalina Bogoeva” Foundation in the respective country with which the Foundation has a signed contract.

7. For participation in the Methodical Qualification Seminars and practice exams for acquiring the corresponding Qualification Certificate, a corresponding fee shall be paid. The Qualification Certificates are handed by the National Music Academy ‘’Prof.Pancho Vladigerov’’.

For more information, please mail to: <[email protected]>

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