15th to 24th of July, 2019

Varna Wh.Cut

The International Summer Dance Academy - Varna has been taking place,every year,since 1993.

Each edition of the Academy is attended by participants from 8,up to 28-30 years old,both professionals and non-professionals,who desire to widen their knowledge and practical skills,as well as perfectioning their performing technique.

The work process is intensive (10 consecutive days,without time off),and in Three Levels:

        - Beginners and Intermediates

        - Advanced

        - Very Advanced - Master Class Level

The accents,during the working process are:

          - Perfectioning of Point Technique in Classical Dance

          - Perfectioning of Performing Technique,in the fields of Contemporary and Character Dance

          - Learning of landmark examples from the Repertory of Classical,Contemporary and                    

            Character Dance.

Upon completion of the working process,all learned and rehearsed practice material is performed on stage,at the Gala Concert,which marks,as well,the completion of the Academy.

In 2013,the Academy celebrated its 20th,Anniversary Edition.

Over the years,more than 1500 participants have taken part of the Academy.

Twenty Gala Concerts were presented on stage,at the State Opera in Varna,Bulgaria.

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